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❤️Technology & Performance❤️ Perfect combination of traditional & high tech massage therapy. Adopting intelligent micro-electron technology, low frequency pulse massage technology and simulation of manual massage to effectively relieve muscle pain and achieving perfect figure by the same time by consecutive using.

❤️6 Modes & 15 Intensity level❤️ Massage, Contracting, Press, Tap, Auto 6 mode and 15 strength. With different massage techniques to meet all your needs, just like your personal massage therapist.

❤️Rechargeable & Resuable❤️ The rechargeable unit has an extended battery life and also includes a USB charging cable for convenience. The electrode pads are made of a soft, flexible material that contours to the body for targeted relief on even the most curved parts of your body. Gel pad is easy to clean, water the gel pad and dry it. Reusable up to 50~60 times using. You can purchase the replacement pads from our store when the gel is not sticky enough.

❤️Obstacle-free Remote Control❤️ Remote controller helps to adjust modes and intensity levels in case the massage pad is attached on the parts of the body you are unable to reach at ease.

★How to use★

→ Operate and control EMS mini massager by main unit: press the 'M' button to power ON/OFF and to switch the modes. The unit automatically starts at level 1 intensity. You may also use remote controller to change upto 6 modes and 15 intensity levels based on one condition that the main unit is manually powered on by the user.


1. Please charge the main controller before use;
2. It is better to use 1-2 times a day; do not overuse it;
3. The original strength level of the machine is level 1;
4. If the machine is not in use, then it will auto turn off after 30min;
5. Please put it on a bare-skin for the optimal performance;


Material: Plastic, Hydro-gel, PU, Neoprene
Body Area: Whole body parts except heart area
Type: Body Massage pad with EMS device
Massage Function: Pulsing, Contracting, Kneading
Features: Portable, Wireless
Pad Size: 57.8 x 11 cm
Belt Size: 110 x 12 cm
Product weight: 215g (main unit + gel pad + neoprene belt)
Package weight: 260g

★Package includes★

1 x Main EMS unit
1 x Neoprene belt
1 x Gel pad
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Remote control
1 x User manual

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