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- Micro electric foot massage mat dredge the soles of the feet and sooth foot fatigue
- Intelligent capture of acupuncture points,all types of feet and feet of different sizes are suitable
- By sending electrical pulse from the detachable control unit,it can simulate the feeling of tapping, kneading and - stroking on your feet, ankles, achilles tendons and calf muscles
- One button control starts professional workouts, 6 modes,15 intensity levels, quiet throughout,
Fold-able & comfortable cortical surface foot mat is easy to clean, wipe it with wet towel and dry it

★How to use★

→ Operate and control foot massager by main unit: press the 'M' button to power ON/OFF and to switch the modes.The unit automatically starts at level 1 intensity. You may also use remote controller to change upto 6 modes and 15 intensity levels.


1.Please charge the main controller before use;
2.It is better to use 1-2 times a day; do not use overuse it;
3.The original strength level of the machine is level 1;
4.Please don't use your hands to touch foot mat while using;
5.if the machine is not in use, then it will auto turn off after 30min;
6. Please put your bare-feet on the mat and use, or it won't make good performance;
7.Please don't remove your feet when you are adjusting the mode or level of intensity;
8.The machine will automatically return to the lowest gear while the mode is adjusted;
9.Please put your bare-feet on the mat before starting the machine, or it will sudden stimulus your feet.


Material: Plastic, PU
Body Area: Foot
Type: Foot Massage pad with EMS device
Massage Function: Stimulating, Pulsing, Contracting
Features: Portable
Product size: 31x 30 cm
Product weight: 38g
Package weight: 600g (volume weight)

★Package includes★

1 x Main unit
1 x Foot mat
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Remote control
1 x User manual

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