GAZE AirPods 3rd Generation Leather Case Cover

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Genuine Full Grain Leather AirPods 3 Protective Cover Separable Scratch Resistant Shockproof Lightweight Apple AirPods 3 Leather Case [Front LED Show]

Enhance the pride of your AirPods with the soft touch of cowhide leather and chrome edge treatment. The Gaze Leather AirPods 3 case is made of cowhide to protect it from scratches while maintaining the firmness and perfect adhesion of the leather. Meet the colorful and luxurious Gaze Leather AirPods 3 Case.

Clean the body thoroughly before installing the case. The back is where the curved part is: Insert the case into the charging port at the bottom. Push gently with your hands until you hear a sound. Insert the remaining head by hand in the same way. Installation complete.



  • Genuine Leather

The Gaze Leather AirPods case is crafted from cowhide and each case has its own unique pattern. It is also soft to the touch and does not get tired easily by retaining the hardness and luxury of leather.

  • Wireless charging compatible

Pairing and charging (also wirelessly) are possible with the case attached.

  • Excellent durability

Not only does it have a perfect grip, but it is also not easily damaged by external shocks.

  • Delicate design aesthetics

The charging status can be checked directly through the LED on the front of the AirPods. Conveniently charge your AirPods without removing them from the case. The open design of the charging terminal makes it easy to use.

Perfect fit
It protects from scratches and dust while maintaining slimness with perfect adhesion.

Smooth curvature
In order to express the unique curves of AirPods, it has been rounded with luxurious and elegant chrome treatment to enhance the degree of perfection.
Mix & Match
It is a two-piece case in which the body and head cap are separated. Create your own special AirPods case by mixing and matching colors according to your taste as well as a single color.