GAZE Car WIDE H V2.0 WIRELESS CAR CHARGER for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

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GAZE Car Wide H V2 Wireless Car Charger for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Fold 3 Fold 2 Fold series
Perfect fit for the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

GAZE Car Wide H V2 Long Awaited upgrade Fold 4
GAZE Car Wide H V2 various mounting options
[An upgrade from the previous model]:

We have listened to many user feedbacks regarding not being able to access the buttons while charging. So we have modified it so that the buttons can be accessible while mounted in portrait mode. Enjoy the Fold 4 in all its glory. Mount it while opened, and also access the volume/power buttons with ease

Gaze Car Wide H V2 buttons accessible ease of use

[Dual coil for all types of mounting]:

We have added another coil so that the phone can be charged in both landscape and portrait modes. Users now have the freedom to orient the phone in any way they desire, however, please keep in mind the buttons might not be as easily accessible as when it's in portrait mode. But you still have a choice!

GAZE Car Wide H V2 various accessories dashboard mount mounting plate air vent clip usb-c type cable

[New accessory added!]:

We've added a new 3M sticker plate as a part of the added accessory. There are many users with a dashboard that the dashboard mount won't stay attached to. 3M's sticker plate will provide an even surface for the dashboard mount. The dashboard mount will stick on better with the help of a 3M sticker plate.

[Safe and Stable]:

The strong clamp and the rubber padding hold the phone safely even on the bumpiest rides. The included mounts can adapt to any setting to suit your driving style.

[Intelligent Automatic Sensor]:

Just place it on the mount and drive. The smart sensor detects the frequency emitted by the phone and closes the clamp automatically. When you're done driving, press the button on the bottom to open the clamps so you can take out your phone easily.

[Fast Charging]:

Say goodbye to fumbling with cords and plugs! Our wireless car charger mount provides a fast, 15W charge for your device. With its safe and secure design, you can rest easy knowing your phone is charging quickly and efficiently. FAST CHARGING MAY DIFFER DEPENDING ON THE BRAND AND MODEL OF THE PHONE.

GAZE Car Wide H V2 product components user manual convenient best charger